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Ordering tips
  • Check if the supplier is B2B-only.
  • Ask for the latest catalogue, it sometimes has content not published on website.
  • Ask about the plant origin, genetic selection criteria, propagation method and age in propagation medium.
  • Some nurseries also provide seeds or cuttings although not typically listed in the catalogue.
  • If ordering dioecious plants, ask for male/female or a mix of both.
  • Tray containers sometimes have more than one plant per slot (on Sambucus nigra, Ribes nigrum..) due to seeding method.
  • Check seedling for trunk girdling, remove any wires that can cause future girdling.
  • Reserve the order weeks or months in advance and add more items as you decide.
  • Nurseries generally have the most stock in the fall, plan for orders then.
  • Check shipping duration and order early in the week to prevent transit during the weekend.
  • Check how many plants fit in a delivery box to prevent unecessary additional shipments.
Useful links

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