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Alder hedge

Prevents erosion of the canal margins while shading the slope behind. Produces comfrey, elderberry and willow mulch - and early willow nectar.

The dense shade created slows down the growth of other plants inside the waterway, improving water flow. It is designed to shelter and feed wildlife. Eventually it will provide mulch for nearby vegetable production -Comfrey providing minerals and elderberry nitrogen rich foliage.

Species varietyVarLeafingFloweringFruiting
Carex pendulua
Symphytum officinale
Species varietyTipQtyIntroductionPhase-outPropagationMediumSupplier
Alders increase the availability of soil phosphorus []
Alders are an important food plant for the caterpillars of many butterfly and moth species and also for small birds in winter.There are 90 insect species associated with this tree. []
"Nitrogen fixation requires rare heavy-metal element molybdenum as a catalyst." ... "To fix 1 gram of nitrogen, an estimated 10-100 grams of glucose is required.' Most microorganisms rarely have energy resources to produce large amounts of fixed nitrogen. Higher plants can produce excess energy through photosynthesis, but they cannot produce the necessary enzyme." []
102021-05-07SeedTrayViver Tres Turons
Populus and Salix cutting propogation: Las estacas de Populus y Salix hay que prepararlas cuando no tienen hojas, a sabia parada. Igualmente, el brote que te puedan hacer ahora no estará lignificado y con el frío del invierno se puede quemar. Estas estacas enraizaran y brotaran en primavera, por lo que en invierno poco van a hacer. [Plant supplier / nursery]
A pioneer species of willow, it quickly colonizes poor soils. []
Q__ La estaca de Populus/Salix, tiene que ser del año de crecimiento o puede ser de 2/3 años? Puede ser de 2/3 años. A__ Nosotros lo hacemos en alveolo forestal, por lo que utilizamos estacas delgadas, del año, pero en campo es conveniente ponerlas más gordas para que tengan más reservas y aguanten el terreno. Q__ Y se puede enterrar/clavar la estaca muy profundo, como 40-50cm o más? Se puede pudrir? A__Sí, se puede pudrir, sobretodo si hay agua estancada durante muchos días. Yo intentaría clavarlas en febrero para que estén el menor tiempo enterradas y sin brotar. [Plant supplier / nursery][]
Cuttings directly on the ground need a wide area clearing and weed suppression, use large leaves and heavy thick mulch. [Can Neret]
102021-05-07Stem cuttingTrayViver Tres Turons
Elderberry cuttings take months to root. Had more success with propagation at end of summer, after the first rains wet the ground and the parent plant are hydrated. [Can Neret]
102021-05-07SeedTrayViver Tres Turons
Carex pendulua
Plant near water but not on water, 2-4 plants per m2, grows on shade with deep roots, hardy. Fast growing. Allows hard pruning at end of winter. Separate rhizomes for propagation during the spring. Water purification, natural spaces rehab [Plant supplier / nursery]
Use Carex pendula to fully shade and stabilize canal. /3T: "It is very resistant to pests and diseases and supports severe pruning in late winter. You can easily reproduce it by dividing the bush in the spring and letting the rhizome regrow. Prefers spots outside the water." [Plant supplier / nursery][]
102021-05-07Root divisionTrayViver Tres Turons
Symphytum officinale
102022-03-10Root divisionBare-root
Species varietyFncStrataTopCut monthsLightLeafFunctions
Emergent2mCoppice Biodiversity N
The nursery mixes male and female willows
Emergent5mPrune [4]Biodiversity
To harvest flowers and cuttings for propagation at end of summer.
Canopy3mPrune ~50%Biodiversity
Carex pendulua
Understory1.5m >75%Biodiversity
Symphytum officinale
Supply nutrient-rich mulch for future vegetable garden. Harvest after flowering.
Undergrowth1.2mCoppice [6]Biodiversity, Hydraulic lift, nutrient mining, Weed suppression

Project Log

2023-10-05 28/15°C, 0.0mm
Prior average high/low, total precipitation
2023 week 40 28/14°C, 0.1mm
2023 week 39 30/13°C, 0mm
2023 week 38 27/14°C, 6.7mm
2023 week 37 30/16°C, 36.8mm
2023 week 36 32/13°C, 0mm

Symphytum officinale regrowth, fully cut 4 weeks before

2023-05-12 18/7°C, 23.7mm
Prior average high/low, total precipitation
2023 week 19 23/11°C, 55mm
2023 week 18 26/9°C, 16.1mm
2023 week 17 25/11°C, 10.2mm
2023 week 16 23/6°C, 6.8mm
2023 week 15 22/5°C, 0.9mm

Iris growing into canal (generates maintenance), elderberry very fast growth once established. Comfrey flowering with abundant biomass.

2023-02-05 18/-0°C, 0.0mm
Prior average high/low, total precipitation
2023 week 05 19/-2°C, 0mm
2023 week 04 10/-4°C, 3.1mm
2023 week 03 12/-1°C, 0.1mm
2023 week 02 17/2°C, 8.4mm
2023 week 01 17/3°C, 0.1mm

Salix atrocinerea flowering begins.

2022-10-26 28/10°C, 0.0mm
Prior average high/low, total precipitation
2022 week 43 28/11°C, 0mm
2022 week 42 27/13°C, 0.1mm
2022 week 41 26/12°C, 0.2mm
2022 week 40 24/12°C, 42.7mm
2022 week 39 25/10°C, 13.9mm

Fall follow-up, two summers after planting. The trees will shade the slope, improving moisture for the walnuts by the road.

2022-04-16 29/12°C, 0.0mm
Prior average high/low, total precipitation
2022 week 15 21/8°C, 5.6mm
2022 week 14 20/4°C, 12.6mm
2022 week 13 15/4°C, 24.4mm
2022 week 12 16/5°C, 15.2mm
2022 week 11 14/9°C, 34.7mm

Spring maintenance,

2022-03-18 14/10°C, 0.2mm
Prior average high/low, total precipitation
2022 week 11 14/10°C, 7.2mm
2022 week 10 14/5°C, 64.1mm
2022 week 09 16/4°C, 9.3mm
2022 week 08 18/2°C, 0mm
2022 week 07 18/2°C, 3.1mm

Chelidonium majus

2021-12-09 12/2°C, 0.0mm
Prior average high/low, total precipitation
2021 week 49 14/2°C, 0mm
2021 week 48 14/0°C, 0.5mm
2021 week 47 12/4°C, 62.4mm
2021 week 46 17/4°C, 1.3mm
2021 week 45 18/7°C, 31.4mm

Follow-up after first summer.

2021-05-07 22/11°C, 0.2mm
Prior average high/low, total precipitation
2021 week 18 23/8°C, 0.3mm
2021 week 17 18/10°C, 50mm
2021 week 16 19/5°C, 9.7mm
2021 week 15 16/5°C, 3.9mm
2021 week 14 18/4°C, 19mm

Planted Alnus glutinosa, Sambucus nigra, Salix atrocinerea and Carex pendula to form the canal hedge,