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Design for minimal maintenance, passive irrigation canals.

The project is to create a margin which entirely shades the interior of the canal.

Carex pendula has deep roots, dense foliage, is highly shade tolerant, and has the potential to purify water. Its strength may prevent wild boars from digging on the margins.

Project Log

2023-10-05 28/15°C, 0.0mm
Prior average high/low, total precipitation
2023 week 40 28/14°C, 0.1mm
2023 week 39 30/13°C, 0mm
2023 week 38 27/14°C, 6.7mm
2023 week 37 30/16°C, 36.8mm
2023 week 36 32/13°C, 0mm

Planted Carex pendula on canal margins. Iris pseudacorus removed from margin where it grows into canal; it was divided and replanted behind the Carex's rhizome barrier. Salix alba leaf/branch filter.