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Mushroom cultivation

Experiments with mushroom cultivation. In a distant future, poplars which complete their pioneering function can be cut back to stumps for mushroom production.


Project Log

2022-11-21 15/5°C, 13.4mm
Prior average high/low, total precipitation
2022 week 47 15/5°C, 13.4mm
2022 week 46 19/8°C, 13.9mm
2022 week 45 23/8°C, 2.2mm
2022 week 44 23/7°C, 2mm
2022 week 43 26/10°C, 0.1mm

Inoculating Robinia pseudoacacia stumps and root with Lentinula edodes after cutting in the fall to check for regrowth.

2021-05-16 25/11°C, 0.2mm
Prior average high/low, total precipitation
2021 week 19 23/9°C, 7.4mm
2021 week 18 24/8°C, 0.8mm
2021 week 17 18/10°C, 50mm
2021 week 16 19/5°C, 9.7mm
2021 week 15 16/5°C, 3.9mm

1) Uncovered poplar stump regrowth. 2) Inoculated Pleurotus grew on trunks covered with bag. 3). Ants also took a piece. 2&3) no poplar regrowth.

2021-04-03 24/7°C, 0.0mm
Prior average high/low, total precipitation
2021 week 13 22/3°C, 0mm
2021 week 12 20/3°C, 0mm
2021 week 11 17/1°C, 7.6mm
2021 week 10 16/4°C, 8.2mm
2021 week 09 15/6°C, 7.9mm

Poplar logs and stumps were inoculated with Pleurotus ostreatus. The stumps covered with bags, perforated for a little ventilation.